Johan Roode

Who is Johan Roode?

Johan Roode is a father, husband, and recreational fisherman, who loves motorcycles, rugby, and other sports, currently living in Cape Town, South Africa, with his wife and daughter. He is also an online marketing strategist with over 20 years of extensive “hands-on” experience in digital marketing, website design, and search engine optimization. He has a deep understanding of digital marketplaces and social media marketing. He started his waterproofing company in Cape Town in 2018. He has been introduced to a second income stream in July 2021, (working great in South Africa!) which is on its way to surpassing the income from his waterproofing company in near future and it takes him about 40 minutes daily. Make sure to download a copy of his latest eBook “Albert Einstein’s Untold Secret to Wealth and Prosperity” (it won’t cost you anything) and see how he uses Einstein’s advice. Reach out and ask him how to use the strategy from his eBook with the tool in the video further down on this page.  It takes less than an hour per day.

Albert Einstein - The 8th World Wonder!

Untold Secret About Wealth & Prosperity

  • The number 1 skill (secret) that can change your financial position if you know how to implement it correctly.
  • How you can use Einstein’s principle to generate a significant income from home,  despite the pandemic and worldwide lockdowns
  • No selling
  • No Bitcoin scams
  • No pyramid things
  • No medical trials
  • No surveys to complete
  • No stock to carry
  • No website needed
  • 100% Legal
  • Tax-free income in certain countries
  • Can be done from anywhere with access to the internet
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Today Is Your Opportunity To Build The Tomorrow You Want
 – Ken Poirot –

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